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Linda Wallace,



Giving you choice......


Marriage Celebrant

Civil Union Celebrant




Certificate in Celebrant Studies

  (AUT, Auckland)

Other Qualifications include ----

Certificate in Adult Teaching

NZ Certificate in Business Studies

Certificate in Budget Advising

Linda also has learnt some basic NZ Sign Language.


A celebrant will work with you, and take the guiding role in a ceremony.

Linda's special area of interest is celebrating the significant moments in your life. 

She is an Civil Union celebrant since 2008, and is thrilled to be involved in honouring relationships in this manner.  Civil Unions can be formed by same or different genders.  For further information on Civil Unions, visit the website of Birth, Deaths And Marriages.  http://www.bdm.govt.nz

She is also an appointed MARRIAGE celebrant, and celebrates marriage equality in New Zealand (2013)

What can Linda assist you to celebrate?

  • Changing career
  • Celebrating a significant birthday
  • Celebrating the birth of a child
  • Coming of age - 5, 10, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65........99, 100, 105...........
  • Formalising your relationship with a civil union or marriage ceremony (legal recognition)
  • Retiring
  • Marking a personal breakthrough
  • Recommitting yourselves as partners
  • Honouring the anniversary of a group/partnership/business
  • Moving house / town / country
  • Celebrating special friendship
  • Recovering from illness
  • Farewelling a loved one
  • Experiencing any of a myriad of transitions or events
  • A live wake - celebrating your life while still alive!
  • Getting divorced
  • Moving into palliative care or hospice
  • Leaving a hurtful past behind
  • Renewing a past relationship / friendship

Linda is BOTH an appointed Marriage Celebrant and

 an appointed Civil Union Celebrant


Proud to be celebrating with Waikato's Rainbow community

Linda is delighted to officiate at either your civil union or your marriage ceremony. 



As a member of CANZ (Celebrants Association of New Zealand),

 Linda works within their professional code of ethics and code of practice. 

You are encouraged to visit the CANZ website for further information


Comments from clients

     "Thank you again for making the day wonderful"

     "One bride was very nervous and there were a lot of family issues.  You were sensitive and accepting."

     "You did a fabulous job and it was a really fabulous day!!"

     "I know everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it!!!"

     "We both wanted to thank you again for a lovely ceremony and for all your help in the preparations.

            We had a very special day."


     "What a lovely voice"


        "Once again, thank you soooooo very, very much.

       You made our celebration of A......   just so utterly wonderful."

      "I don't think we could have asked for anything more magical. THANK YOU!!!!! "

    "I can't say these vows without crying.  They are spot on"   - Linda composed the vows for this couple.






B&T wedding





Contact details.....

Phone - Evenings  - Hamilton  07 8438 738

(or leave a message at other times)

Text - 027 698 5721

email - linda@ceremony.co.nz